How would you describe dermocosmetics in 3 words for a newcomer?

Dermocosmetics is the term used to describe all skin care products that benefit the skin by improving its quality, protection and natural appearance (without make-up). Beyond the comfort and hydration provided by skincare products, dermocosmetics must offer active ingredients in efficient concentrations to improve skin quality: visibly and durably.


What were the turning points in this market ? 

Over the last ten years, brands have been highlighting their active ingredients in response to the need for efficiency on the part of consumers, who are increasingly informed about the composition of their skincare products.

Every year, there's something new: new skincare products, new active ingredients, new formulas. Our R&D team does a fantastic job of constantly monitoring the market.

However, you need to be able to read between the lines, and take the time to study the list of ingredients: if the key active ingredients are indeed at the top of the INCI list (the complete list of ingredients), then the concentration is really high. Too often, there's a "smoke and mirrors" effect, with active ingredients cited in certain brands' communications but actually used in proportions too low for consumers to really benefit from their actions.

Real innovation doesn't always come from those who speak loudest.


Gamme dermocosmétique - Laboratoire ENEOMEY


As a market player, what are the most important arguments to give to people who are reluctant or unfamiliar with the sector?

Treat yourself, pamper yourself, treat yourself to quality, and choose efficiency over quantity. What's important is not to weigh yourself down with an overly complicated treatment program, but to adopt a simple, useful, precise and effective approach.

You don't need to have lots of creams in your drawers: what counts is finding the right program that really works on your skin.

Dermocosmetics are marketed through expert outlets such as pharmacies and specialized medical centers. Your specialist will be able to help you choose the ideally concentrated care products that will bring out the best in your skin.


What do you think of the current image of dermocosmetics among women?

Our image, our skin quality and our age are at the heart of our identity. Appearance has never been more important, and I'm not just talking about selfies!

The daily use of a dermocosmetic skincare product from the age of 35 is a must for any woman who wants to take care of herself and her skin.

By using the most effective skincare products, our appearance, skin texture and radiance are optimized and we feel better about ourselves.


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What counts is giving your best to feel good.

And that's what dermocosmetics does: by reactivating the skin's natural renewal mechanisms, it enables it to reveal its very best.


What are your 3 favorite types of dermocosmetic products?


  • An exfoliating night care, so you can start the next day all "plumped up" as soon as you wake up. Using exfoliating night care products gives your skin a new lease of life! In fact, the treatment works all night long, and the skin's appearance is clearer when you wake up, feeling tauter and plumper

  • An energizing day care with vitamin C. I use our DAYLIGHT C20 anti-aging skin care product for its immediate radiance-boosting and smoothing effect. It brightens my complexion and gives me confidence for the rest of the day.

  • glycolic acid cleanser that purifies skin when it feels drowsy, thick and rough after a day of exertion or intense pollution.


How would you describe ENEOMEY dermocosmetics?

ENEOMEY dermocosmetic skincare products give skin everything it needs to be more beautiful, to reduce fine lines, give radiance, even out skin tone, refine skin texture...

At ENEOMEY, our philosophy is simple: above all else, we want our treatments to really work, with visible results (and not just in the magazines!).

In addition to the pleasure of application, this is where the pleasure of ENEOMEY skincare comes from: the pleasure of results, for the user as well as for us: we're proud of the skincare products we design, create and market.

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How is Laboratoire ENEOMEY transforming and modernizing dermocosmetics?

ENEOMEY was at the origin of the introduction of many effective active ingredients in dermocosmetics.

We were the first in France to introduce Vitamin C in skincare products.

And while glycolic acid has only recently become a recognized active ingredient, we've been incorporating it into our anti-aging skincare products for many years, in concentrations that are still unrivalled today. It's always an honor to inspire other brands!

Today, we're still often one active ingredient ahead, used in the right active concentration. The latest example is anti-inflam'aging in the REJUV range, with Time Cell and IA Control.


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