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Enriched with antioxidants, Eneomey's day care products prevent the visible effects of the environment, your lifestyle and age from appearing on your face. 

Keep your skin bright and beautiful for the long term with these unique products.

Daytime Antioxydant Skincare | Made in France | Laboratoire ENEOMEY

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DAYLIGHT C20 , Anti-aging Antioxydant Day Cream | Laboratoire ENEOMEY DAYLIGHT C20


Anti-aging antioxidant day cream

DAYLIGHT C20 day cream with ascorbocilane C is an effective antioxidant radiance shield. 

One of the essentials of our anti-aging and pigmentation programs.

Price €55.80
REJUV ELIXIUM, Anti-aging Plumping Serum | Laboratoire ENEOMEY REJUV ELIXIUM


Plumping anti-aging serum

With a strong concentration of Hyaluronic Acid, REJUV ELIXIUM offers a complete anti-aging action

Wrinkles are filled in and the skin is moisturized. 

Price €49.20
REJUV SILK | Redensifying Anti-aging Cream | Laboratoire ENEOMEY REJUV SILK


Redensifying anti-aging cream

REJUV SILK reinforces the density, elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Your skin is firm and comfortable.

Price €63.60

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| Why use an antioxidant treatment every day? 

Everyday sunlight, air pollution, stress and smoking have a negative effect on your skin. They cause wrinkles, spots or a dull complexion.  

Using an antioxidant day cream as soon as you wake up protects your skin from this damage and boosts its radiance.  


| How to choose your Eneomey day care? 

The Eneomey range consists of 2 day care products: 

• DAYLIGHT C20 is composed of 20% Ascorbosilane C, a stabilized and active form of Vitamin C. It effectively fights against free radicals. This antioxidant day care is for all women who want to enhance their complexion, restore radiance and start an anti-aging routine in their 30s. It is suitable for all Eneomey skin care routines. 

• REJUV SILK contains IA Control: this exclusive complex of active ingredients from the Eneomey laboratory boosts the skin's natural antioxidant defenses and contributes to an overall anti-aging effect. Its action is reinforced by the use of the REJUV ELIXIUM anti-aging plumping serum. Thanks to Hyaluronic Acid, it is a redensifying daytime treatment particularly suited to mature skin.