BIox Anti-Aging Technology protects against free radical degradation and strengthens the extracellular matrix.

Enjoy the benefits of this anti-aging shield in our SUNLIGHT SCREEN 50+.

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SUNLIGHT SCREEN 50+, Very High Sun Protection | Laboratoire ENEOMEY SUNLIGHT SCREEN 50


Very high sun protection

SUNLIGHT SCREEN 50+ protects against irradiation from UVA and UVB rays, but also infrared and blue light. 

It’s the ideal protection for daily use. 

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| Inspired by nature

The ENEOMEY laboratory was inspired by nature to offer you a wide spectrum of optimal protection. Blue light reaches the depths of the sea, creating the blue of the ocean. Researchers have developed active molecules from bacterial strains that survive in extreme conditions in underwater volcanoes. Their properties are exceptional when it comes to cell protection.


| Unique combination

BIox is the combination of this biotechnological active ingredient from the deep sea with a plant active ingredient recognized for its anti-aging properties. 


| The actions of BIox

The BIox complex protects the essential structures of the skin (lipids, proteins, DNA) from free radical degradation. It combats the effects of blue light and infrared light in particular and has anti-oxidant properties.

BIox preserves the youthfulness of your skin by fighting against signs of aging.