The Laboratoire Eneomey devises dynamic cosmetology program whose the anti-aging effect is proven. With the expertise of dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and surgeons, the efficiency is in the heart of the formulation of each skincare.

The perfect concentration of the active ingredients, such as stabilized Vitamin C, glycolic acid and phytic acid, gives optimal results. Daily, the experts advise an antioxidant care on the morning plus a sun protection and a stimulating care on the evening. The Eneomey program regenerates the epidermal for a youngest skin, unified and radiant.

With its creations of formulas, the Laboratoire Eneomey has combined sensory experience, comfort and efficiency. By defining a new pleasant olfactory identity (without allergen), all skincare combine application pleasure and results. The ENEOMEY skincare are recommended to support all the anti-aging techniques such as peels and all the aesthetic acts.

“The years gained last forever, so start today to reduce the effect of time with the ENEOMEY dynamic cosmetology program.”